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Nutrition Info Fresh Is Best® Salsa

Fresh Is Best® Salsa

Our fresh salsa is made from all fresh ingredients: tomatoes, peppers, onions, vinegar, fresh squeezed limes, fresh squeezed lemons, chopped garlic, fresh chopped jalapeños, chili peppers, parsley, cilantro, and herbs.

Available in Mild / Medium / Hot.
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Fresh Is Best® Tortilla Chips

Fresh Is Best® Tortilla Chips are hand cut, thin, crisp, and fresh. Our original tortilla chips come in tri-colour which contains yellow corn, green jalapeno, and red chili tortillas or a straight yellow bag. We make our tortilla chips in small batches for consistency and flavour, and they are salted with only the highest quality sea salt.

Fresh Is Best® Taco Seasoning

Fresh Is Best® Taco Seasoning

Fresh Is Best® Taco Seasoning is a unique and delicious blend of all natural spices, perfect for taco night. Our taco seasoning is made from only the highest quality natural spices, with none of the MSG, artificial colours or preservatives you will find in other taco spice blends. For spicier tacos, simply add a little more of the seasoning until you reach the perfect flavour that you desire. Why stop at tacos? Use Fresh Is Best Taco Seasoning to add a southwest flare to any dish you desire.

Nutrition Info Fresh Is Best® Hot Sauce


Fresh Is Best® Hot Sauce

Our Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauce is made with only the highest quality habanero peppers we can find, blended with delicious herbs and spices. The Habanero is native to Mexico, and is rated as one of the hottest peppers in the world on the Scoville scale. While our Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauce is definitely very spicy, it also packs a delicious punch of flavour. Add a dash of this delicious sauce to eggs, on your favourite meat dish, or mix it in with our salsa if you want to kick the heat up a notch.

Fresh Is Best® Extra Hot Habanero Hot Sauce contains a delicious blend of habanero peppers, herbs and spices. Even spicier than our original Fresh Is Best Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauce, this sauce is not for the faint of heart. Add some extra heat to any meal, but make sure to use with caution!

Nutrition Info Fresh Is Best® Guacamole

Fresh Is Best® Guacamole

Fresh Is Best® Guacamole is made daily using all fresh ingredients. Our guacamole has a refreshing citrus flavour, with undertones of spicy habanero. Made with fresh avocado, fresh tomato, fresh onion, freshly squeezed lime & lemon, fresh cilantro, salt, fresh hot peppers, vinegar, fresh.

Fresh Is Best® Spinach Dip

Fresh Is Best® Spinach Dip

Fresh Is Best® Garlic Spinach Dip is made with fresh spinach, sour cream, mayonnaise, water chestnuts, fresh chopped green onions, fresh chopped garlic, salt & spices. If you like garlic you will love this one. At Fresh Is Best we are known for putting a little garlic in everything, and we dumped the truckload in this one!

Nutrition Info Fresh Is Best® Taco Shells

Fresh Is Best® Taco Shells – COMING THIS NOVEMBER!

Fresh Is Best® Taco Shells bring the crisp, fresh, tasty goodness of our popular Fresh Is Best® Tortilla Chips to family taco nights! Our delicious taco shells come in two options! Our tri-colour box contains yellow corn, green jalapeno, and red chili taco shells and our yellow corn box contains our crunchy yellow corn shells. We make our taco shells in smaller batches to ensure awesome Fresh is Best flavour and they’re lightly salted with only the highest quality of sea salt.

Try our full line of fresh products! Ask your local grocery store!

Once upon a time...

Back in the summer of ’99 is when Fresh is Best got its first tasty start.

Craving a healthier lifestyle and food options, Colin and Lisa first debuted their salsas at the local Kamloops Farmers’ Market and it took off! Handmade tortilla chips naturally followed shortly after.

Today, Fresh is Best® makes its popular salsa and tortilla chips which are sold throughout B.C. and Alberta at local grocery stores and retailers. They also make guacamole, spinach dip, tropical salsa, southwestern salsa, black bean dip, layer dip, and the NEW taco seasonings. Here’s to FRESH eating!


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