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  • Are your products Gluten-Free?
    Yes. Our facility is 100% Gluten-free.
  • Are your products Vegan?
    ALL of our FIB tortilla and salsa products are VEGAN as no meat or animal bi-products are used in any part of our process or facility. Our spinach dip contains sour cream and mayo.
  • Are your products Non-GMO?
    No. Our Chips and Tacos are not Non-GMO.
  • Are your products Kosher?
    Yes. Kosher Check is a hechsher of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia. It is a symbol used on the labels of foods that are certified Kosher. Our Chips and Tacos are Kosher Check certified.
  • Are your products Halal?
    No. Our products are not Halal.
  • Are your chips and taco shells safe for people with Celiac disease?
    Our corn products test <5 parts per million of gluten. The threshold is <20ppm. For a celiac, I would think "Buyer Beware" as we cannot be 100% sure with the even small chance of cross-contamination. We test our product regularly for compliance.
  • Why do use dyes in your Tri-flavour tortilla chips and taco shells?
    Our highest choice is to move to a "natural color additive". We have been working on it for years. Unfortunately the use of parsley or spinach, tomato or broccoli changes our flavour. We are not giving up. Just not able to replicate our signature Fresh Is Best flavour without the use of partly synthetic coloring.
  • Which dyes are used in your tortilla chips and taco shells?
    We are using Food Coloring (Green Chips) - Tartrazine, Brilliant Blue, and Allura Red. (Red Chips) - Allura Red, Caramel Color, and Brilliant Blue.
  • Where do you get the corn for the tortilla chips and taco shells?
    Our Chips and Taco shells are made with corn flour from Mexico and USA. Currently, there is no processing of Canadian corn for the use of corn flour on any scale. Most Canadian corn is grown and harvested either for food, cooking oil, or fuel. Fresh Is Best is a 100% Canadian company and all of our products are manufactured in Kamloops, British Columbia.
  • Where are Fresh is Best products made?
    Our factory is in beautiful Kamloops, BC Canada.
  • Do your products contain trans fats?
    No FIB products contain any trans fats. We never have and never will contain additives like this.
  • Do you make your own hot sauce?
    Yes. We have recently added a hot sauce line.
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